Saturday, October 19, 2013

QUIZ: Old RoboCop VS. New RoboCop?

Image intended for discussions

Your move, creep!

In 2012, we witnessed the return of one of the toughest police officers from the near future: Dredd. The majority of the franchise's fans were disappointed by the reboot, but at least the character had a kickass costume. Karl Urban's uniform looks like something Christopher Nolan would make, compared to the Tim Burton-inspired armor Sylvester Stallone wore in the 1995 film.

Next year, 2014, we are going to welcome the comeback of another supercop who is equally relentless: RoboCop. We already saw a couple of trailers and images from the reboot, giving us a pretty good look at what the cyborg looks like. The most obvious change is replacing the cool silver color of the armor with dull black, giving the impression of being made of plastic rather than metal.

QUIZ: Which RoboCop was the best: The ORIGINAL or the REBOOT version? (below the videos)

Personally, there are many things I find unnecessary in the new design, but what do you think? Have a look at this video and vote in our poll for the RoboCop you like best!


<a href="" title="Old RoboCop VS. New RoboCop?">Old RoboCop VS. New RoboCop?</a>