Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TOP 10 Vin Diesel Moments in Movies

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Vin Diesel finally got his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame yesterday. You'll be more careful where you're stepping now, won't you? Otherwise, you could feel exactly how hard Vin's concrete fist is.
Vin Diesel was given his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today, literally cementing him as a show business legend nearly 20 years after his true film debut. He wrote, directed, and starred in the short Multi-Facial in 1995, got his big break with Saving Private Ryan in 1998, and really broke out with his Riddick character in 2000.
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PHOTO: Future Vin Diesel meme

In honor of Vin's achievements I give you the TOP 10 Defining Vin Diesel Moment in Movies, courtesy of MovieClips. Also, tell me what your favorite Vin Diesel films are in the poll or comments below!

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