Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vince Vaughn Is Owen Wilson's Hero

Image via Badass Digest.
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"I never did anything for free"

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson talk to Shortlist magazine about their latest comedy, The Internship. The actors' film history showed us that they make a great team on screen, and that's exactly how it is in real life, with a few differences. For example, Vaughn considers himself  the wise one [I'm rephrasing], and claims that his "great attitude" is courtesy of his philosophy of life. "Owen generally thinks I’m right about stuff, so he likes to sit and listen," Vince said. Find out more below!
"I never did anything for free. Other than dancing in clubs. I give that away for nothing," he laughed to Shortlist magazine.
Owen interjected: "You’ve got a great attitude."
On the whole, Vince believes Owen looks up to him and so always tries to help him with big life questions.
"Owen generally thinks I’m right about stuff, so he likes to sit and listen. He’ll ask me a question, maybe about grooming or style, and look at me all bright-eyed as I teach him about things," Vince joked.
Owen added: "With most people, you ask how they’re doing and it’s just, “Good, you?” With Vince, it’s always got to be a story. There was a beautiful one about a dragonfly and a turtle who seems to be plodding along, but dammit, the turtle beats the dragonfly in the end."