Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gerard Butler's Crazy and Hilarious Stunt (VIDEO)

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The Nutcracker

Gerard Butler did a ridiculous and very dangerous stunt for his German fans. Some would also go as far as to call it "sexy," but to me, it is plain weird. Here is what he did:
Appearing live on the popular German TV program Wetten, dass...?, Butler was assigned the hilarious task of imitating one of the show's guest performers, who had previously demonstrated his ability to crush a long line of nuts using only his derriere [meaning "butt"]. The 43-year-old actor was at first reluctant, but after a bit of urging from the enthusiastic host, he tried his hand -- or butt, as the case may be.
QUIZ: Describe Butler's stunt! (below)
Positioning himself in a crouch just above the ground, the Bounty Hunter star plopped bum-first onto the walnut. It took him two tries, but he ultimately succeeded in crushing the shell.
PHOTO: The Nutcracker 
The host wasn't done with him yet, though. After Butler's impressive walnut-cracking feat, the German emcee grabbed a bucket of ice and asked the actor to reenact a scene from one of his movies in which he poured a bucket of ice down his pants. Butler initially declined, explaining that he had worn a wetsuit under his clothes to film that stunt, but the audience egged him on.
PHOTO: The Iceman 
Unbuttoning his black jeans, the star gamely took the ice bucket and poured half of it into his pants. Then, as directed by the host, he proceeded to theatrically read a bunch of words in German, much to the screaming delight of the huge crowd.
[via Us Weekly]


<a href="" title="Gerard Butler cracks a walnut with his butt in a German TV show. What do you think?">Gerard Butler cracks a walnut with his butt in a German TV show. What do you think?</a>