Sunday, June 23, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Fight Zombies

Image via Toronto Sun.
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If anyone's good at killing the unkillable, it's Arnie!

Arnold Schwarzenegger knows what's trendy and doesn't mind getting in on the action. That's what I love about him! He never really said "No" to anything just because it sounds ridiculous. Arnie knows what the fans like, and nowadays, that's zombies.

The Expendables star signed on to fight the undead in the upcoming Maggie. Details below:
Arnold Schwarzenegger is turning to the zombie world, signing on to star in and produce “Maggie.”
Project, based on the Black List script by John Scott 3, is set at a time when a “walking dead” virus which has spread across the country. Schwarzenegger, who recently closed a deal to appear in the fifth “Terminator,” will portray the father on a journey to help his daughter come to terms with her infection as she slowly becomes a zombie.
He will be seen in Lionsgate’s “Escape Plan” in October and David Ayer’s “Breacher,” formerly “Ten,” which Open Road launches in January. In addition to the next “Terminator,” which is aiming for a first quarter start, Schwarzenegger is reprising his role in the third “Expendables” and developing “Pump,” a drama he recently sold to Showtime.
Chloe Moretz had been in negotiations last year to play the zombie lead but she is not appearing due to scheduling issues.
[via Variety]