Saturday, June 15, 2013

Amanda Seyfried VS. Alice Eve?

"Suicide blonde" [INXS song]

Amanda Seyfried and Alice Eve are two of the hottest blondes in the film industry right now, albeit one of them may occasionally dye her hair for a role (e.g. Seyfried for Lovelace). Apart from being blessed with incredibly good looks, the two actresses also have very adorable personalities. Who of them do you like more?

QUIZ: Amanda Seyfried VS. Alice Eve? (below)

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Amanda Seyfried
Amanda would be my personal choice. I love everything about her, from head to toe. One can easily get lost in those Anime eyes of hers, and do not even get me started on her curves. Women of Amanda's beauty rarely have any career making talents. However, Seyfried proved more than once that not only she can act, but sing as well (in Mamma Mia! and Les Miserables).

As if all that is not enough, her personality is even more colorful. I love Amanda's corky character and how comfortable she is with subjects most people would find uncomfortable to discuss, such as sex. Speaking of which, did you know that she has the word "minge" (British slang for the female reproductive organ) tattooed on her left foot? Yeah, I'm not messing about!

PHOTO: Amanda Seyfried's naughty tattoo

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Alice Eve
Alice is also a very beautiful woman. Her accent alone could melt you down. She's not too shy, either. In fact, the British actress has more b*lls than most guys in the UK, having explained in interviews that in her homeland, it is usually women who would make the first move. But maybe her courage has something to do with the fact that the actress grew up among two brothers, making her no stranger to the "man's world". Perhaps that's the reason she's so cool to hang out with.

Alice may not have any naughty tattoos on her body yet, but she has other interesting features. Did you know that the Star Trek Into Darkness has heterochromia, meaning that her eyes are different color (left one is blue, and right one is green)?

Are you turned on yet? Which actress do you like more?



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