Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gemma Arterton Has a Message for All Curvy Women

Image via Flickr.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters star Gemma Arterton visited the morning talk show Lorraine, where she gave a little advice to curvy women all around the world. She's taken it upon herself to serve as an example to "girls who struggle with their body image." Read on!
The 27-year-old actress feels incredibly proud when she reads messages from teenagers and women who say they are inspired by her curvier figure.
The beautiful brunette led by example on Tuesday morning as she fully embraced her curvy body in a tight white dress.
PHOTO: Gemma Arterton in a beautiful white dress 
Gemma is obviously very comfortable with her figure and didn't mind showing it off in the lovely frock when she stopped by for a chat on Lorraine.
The former Bond Girl told Helen Fospero that unlike some female stars, she strives to be a positive role model for girls who struggle with their body image.
PHOTO: Gemma's sexy curves 
Speaking on the breakfast TV show, Gemma said: 'I'm really passionate about it because women are wonderful and we come in all shapes and sizes and that's OK.
'I think we're so inundated by images of what people think is beautiful, but if we start putting things out there that aren't [perfect], I think its good for girls to see things differently.
'I've had the most wonderful letters, it makes me cry weekly, from girls saying, 'I used to have an eating disorder and I look at you and you inspire me to be normal.'
'It's like, 'Oh my gosh!' It's so important.'
[via Daily Mail]