Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Beverly Hills Cop" TV Series Cancelled

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Crime wins in Beverly Hills!

The TV series adaptation of one of the most successful action-comedy franchises ever has been put to rest. The American network CBS, which was supposed to air the show, turned the other way and declined distribution of Beverly Hills Cop. However, the project still has a chance of survival. Read on!

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Something clearly went wrong when it came to one of the most anticipated new series in contention for fall, the new Beverly Hills Cop from Eddie Murphy and Shield creator Shawn Ryan.
In what is perhaps the most surprising TV news of the day, CBS decided to pass on the reboot, despite early buzz and a high profile.
Sources confirm that the pilot likely will be shopped around to other networks, so a full series could still see the light of day.
The reboot, starring Brandon T. Jackson as the son of Axel Foley (Murphy), was poised to reunite Murphy and Judge Reinhold on screen for the first time.
[via E!]

Over the past week, a couple of other shows were also cancelled. Stay tuned for the full list in the next post!