Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tom Cruise Joins Popular Russian Networking Site

Image via The People's Movies.

Tom Cruise never ceases to amaze me. What a guy!

The Oblivion star has joined a new social networking website and it's Russian. He already has profiles on Facebook and Twitter. So, why join another platform? Isn't this enough? Guess not. Maybe he is desperately looking for a Russian girlfriend. He's single now, remember? Anyway. The star is happy to be part of that community and thanks fans for the warm welcome.

Also, if you were wondering about the legitimacy of this story, Gossip Cop has rated this news as "real" on their "gossip-meter".
Already a member of Twitter, the movie star has joined the popular Russian social networking site Vkontakte
Cruise is the first Hollywood star to set up a page on the platform, which is several times more frequented by Russians than other social sites like Facebook. 
The actor has racked up more than 40,000 followers on already, and his team posted expressing their gratitude, even calling out some fans by name. 
“Thank you Gulnaz, Kristinka, Dmitry, Kirill, Alexander, Viktor, Nia, Viktoria, Vyacheslav , Vadim and everyone else, thank you for the warm reception and VK tips!” said a message posted Friday morning U.S. time. 
Later that night, his camp wrote, “Guys, its incredible of you to send us so many gifts and share such kindness…thank you! -TeamTC.”
[via Gossip Cop]