Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kai Proctor VS Rabbit?

Kai Proctor and Rabbit are the two main villains in the new crime TV series Banshee.

The story follows an ex-convict, who assumes the identity of a newly appointed sheriff, named Lucas Hood, in the small, mostly Amish, town of Banshee. However, his days of trouble are far from over. As the new sheriff, Hood has to uphold the law - which he does Pale Rider-style - while secretly planning and executing heists.

As mentioned at the top, Kai Proctor and Rabbit are the bad guys in the show. Both of them share many things in common - power, intelligence, patience and ferocity. Where they differ is their intentions about Lucas Hood. While Kai seeks to establish a prosperous connection with the sheriff, Rabbit wants to make sure he suffers until the end of his life.

Those of you who have watched the series, tell us which villain of the two is more evil. Or, which one is your favourite. Vote below!


Kai Proctor. Image via NC Hollywood.

Rabbit. Image via NC Hollywood.



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