Friday, March 1, 2013

Daniel Radcliffe Is Igor in "Frankenstein"?

Daniel Radcliffe

Updated (March, 4th)!

Daniel Radcliffe is certainly in "experimenting" mode after after Harry Potter's end. Although his "d├ębut" (The Woman in Black) was not a smashing hit, that doesn't stop him from keeping at it.

Radcliffe has been interested in the new Frankenstein adaptation for a long time. Variety says that he is now in the final stages of negotiations to play Igor. This almost certainly means "he's in" in Hollywood lingo.

Screenwriter Max Landis shared today (March, 4th) his plans to base the story on Dr. Frankenstein's lab assistant, Igor.
"I started watching ALL of the Frankenstein movies, from Mel Brooks to Peter Cushing to Robert De Niro, and realised that the only time Igor's actually been... Frankenstein's assistant was in the f**king Monster Mash," Landis wrote.
"That's when the idea came to me: instead of trying to do some high minded 'revisionist' Frankenstein, why not try to stay true to a version that only lives in the zeitgeist, and has NEVER REALLY EXISTED.
"And why not do it in an intelligent, hopefully, thoughtful way, about friendship and science, genius and madness, love and ambition, life and death?
"Why not use that imaginary, fairy dust framework of 'guy with hunchbacked assistant makes monster' and make it fun, sad, scary and hopefully, I really hope this, moving."
[via Digital Spy

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<a href="" title="Daniel Radcliffe wants to be Igor in the new "Frankenstein". Yay or Nay?">Daniel Radcliffe wants to be Igor in the new "Frankenstein". Yay or Nay?</a>